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Selfless Service – a service to God



- Apoorva

Are you a happy soul?

Reply cautiously as there are two very important terms in my question.  Happiness is a state of intense joy, bliss and satisfaction. Soul is not the body but something which lives inside us, probably in our hearts... Read more

Religion's Motive is to attain Peace.

- Darshan

What is Religion?
According to Google, Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power,
especially a personal God or gods...Read more


- Varsha

The fact that there is so many Subhashitas (sanskrit verses of wisdom) running in my head as soon
as I decided to write about this topic, proves the importance given to this 4 letter word HELP in our tradition...Read more

 Importance of celebrating festivals like Krishna Janmaashtami and others:

- Shishira

Life is all about happiness and as human beings, social interaction with them not only brings happiness but helps us grow our capacity to learn languages, familiarize ourselves with cultures, inquire, think, play and work... Read more


- Harshini Kishan


Yoga is a manifestation of energy from the source connecting the soul, mind , chakras and the elements of the bodies. Yoga doesn’t need concentration. It is a selfless effort of self transformation...Read more