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-an essay on selfless service.

- Varsha


Indian wisdom fascinates me so much that I have recently started blogging and posting about it with
the name Anukta.
The fact that there is so many Subhashitas (sanskrit verses of wisdom) running in my head as soon
as I decided to write about this topic, proves the importance given to this 4 letter word HELP in our
Let me list one of them for you,
Paroopakaraya phalanti vrukshaha
Paroopakaraya Duhanti Gavaha
Paroopakaraya Vahanti nadyaha
Paroopakarartam idam shariram
This means
In order to help others the trees are bearing fruits, the cows are giving milk and rivers are flowing
with water and thus the human body too should be of service to others.
Recently there was a study published by Barbara Fredrickson, psychologist at University of North
Carolina, which said..
While both types of happiness (Hadonic and Eudemonic) listed in the Greek philosophy makes a
person feel good, the latter could promote physical health and longevity. This type of happiness
(eudemonic) is where one has a larger purpose in life like helping the society. Whereas Hadonic is
where, there is more pleasure and less of pain.
This study proves that having a purpose in life, beyond 'me, mine and myself' , gives us that small
missing piece that fits just right, into the puzzle of life.
As a medical student, I have had this experience myself. When a patient surrenders their emotional
barriers, sheds tears and tells me about their pain... to feel that , "I can help this person!! is THE
most satisfying feeling in the world .
It is truly one of the moments where we feel "yes!! this is the reason I was born"
Selfless service doesn't have to always mean donating huge amounts of money to charity and other
monetary aspects (ofcourse that too is important).
The smallest of ways will matter too like,
1. When an elderly person stays all alone and you celebrate their birthday with them.
2. When a puppy is drenching in rain, holding an umbrella for it.
3. A tree is about to be cut, forming a human chain around to protect it.
Caring for fellow humans, animals or even plants can be a selfless service.
Just Caring enough to help, matters.
I would like to end my essay with the quote of
The author of the book "Most and More" and "Unposted letters" Mahatria Ra says,
"It is not important what we leave FOR our children ,
it is important what we leave IN them "
I think,
Selfless service is precisely the value that we need to teach our Gen-next.
Striving to be the very reason, someone out there in the world believes in good people...should be
all our goals.
There is a Sanskrit subhashitha about considering the whole world as family and helping one another
and it goes like,
" Ayam Najaha paro veti gaNana laghuchetasam
Udharacharitanam tu
Vasudaiva Kutumbakam"
This means
Those who consider someone else as, not 'their-own' are narrow minded.
Those who consider everyone as their own , for them the whole world is their family.