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Religion's Motive is to attain Peace.

- Darshan

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What is Religion?
According to Google, Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power,
especially a personal God or gods.
As defined in google, It is a belief as it is followed by our ancestors, and in most of the cases,
we also continue to follow it.
Total Number of Religions:
There are around 4300 religions in this world.
In India itself there are more than 6 religions. So we can say that if we consider God as one
then different religions have given different names to God. But there are exceptions, such as In
Hinduism, 33Million Gods are being worshipped.
Most People belong to different religions but some people don't believe in the presence of God.
They don't worship God. In some cases, they belong to a subcategory of a Religion. They are
Atheist. I have heard one of the atheists saying "I am putting my efforts and doing my work, Why
should I give the credits to someone who is not seen."
The Fundamental goal of all religions is to seek PEACE. So according to this goal, there
shouldn't have been attacks/wars. But why are people attacking each other in the name of
The truth is, in this world, everyone is trying to pull others down so that they can take their foot
forward*. It is a straight Fact. But if we go with the basic ideology of every religion i.e, to attain
peace in the world, there needs to be a fight when necessary and not every time.
In India, it was common that a battle was being held to take over a palace. But after some time
the British took over India and they distinguished a lot of things, such as colour, Gender and
Religion was also one among them. They gave different positions to different people in India
concerning colour,gender, religion.
People who fought for independence consisted of all the religions in INDIA. But British
separated Hindu and Muslim so that they destroy the action of revolt against them. This started
a spark of differentiation between religions. And in the world, if one person following one religion
said anything negative about another religion then there was a conflict between the followers of
the 2 religions.
Many were forced to get converted from one religion to another religion, and some were offered
a bribe to get converted to a different religion.
Interesting Fact: According to the Encyclopedia of Wars, out of all 1,763 known/recorded
historical conflicts, 123 had religion as their primary cause.
What I think is that people didn't treat Religion as a Religion. They were Hungry to take lives to
take their lives forward. There are incidents where people raged an attack when their leader
was called disrespectfully.
Example: If Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was called without using the work "Chhatrapati" then
they were killed brutally.
The conclusion is, people blindly followed the name of their religion, but didn't follow its